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Looking forward to of fall
por Invitado en 04 Dic, 2014 - 06:44
Beautiful autumn In autumn, symbolize mature, mean a bumper harvest. In autumn, is a beautiful season, is a season of bumper harvest, is a season that is full of the joys voice joke.【Go to an autumn for 1 】 summers, this most popular season, the sky Cheng Che is like clear mirror, the sunlight spreads on the street through the blind side of leaf, the colorful fire is red and brilliant of the gold continuously come into view and start to be suffused with gentle and soft ripple in the heart bottom.Walk into autumn, look for to belong to own of the mood, in the lovely view feel deeply about a color of bringing the great universe in autumn with quite.No matter is a loose cismontane and aureate defoliation wood, still Canadian red such as fire of maple leaf, as well or looking at the slice that dances in the wind in the breeze slice leaf outside the Moscow red square, still just ground up spread full very thick defoliation in before the line, the beautiful autumnal colors spread all over each corner of northern country.In autumn, mean maturity.A continuing autumnal rains takes thoroughly cooked flavor of delightfully fresh mud breathing and fruits in breeze later on, drifts in the air of tiny aridity and makes people feeling particularly relaxed.Hope the prospects of this bumper harvest, peeped out joyful smiling face on people's face.In autumn, repeatedly the autumnal winds once blows and blew the maple leaf in the valley's being like the wine drinking surfeit is similar, red get one round and round flame.In autumn, it is a colorful picture.Distance, the layer wood to the utmost dyes and folds Cui to flow a gold.Neighboring district, sheds leaves to float together bright scenery line.The defoliation floats full earth and seemed to be for the earth to throw on a very thick gold blanket.In autumn, is an abundant prospects everywhere, the melons and fruits floats joss-stick everywhere.【2 】 arrive in autumn, at a hope endless countryside up, the golden ears of wheat is shy the ground is lowly head.Autumnal winds Se Se, deeply wear an in fine threads cool idea in the air, large fruit in the orchard is clusters of, a parties bumper harvest of prospects.In autumn although have no so animate in spring, but it has a captivating gold color fruit!Through the clouds out of the sky, I see in autumn a sand of being covered with the month and exceed supple of the step style style walk, so self-confidence, so and only I only the carriage of , lightly elegance.The United States in autumn is rational-it is different from spring to so fondle Mei, the summer is so very hot, and the winter is so reserved.Whenever the autumnal winds once blows people's cheeks, that kind of aroma to send forth on all sides, people will deeply take a suck at spirit and seem to want to absorb all of the vitalities of years light.The United States in autumn is mature-it isn't as so awkward and shy as the spring, the summer so exposes, and the winter is so introverted.The coldness of demeanor is it importance representative thing, many poets all spend pen and ink in the depiction coldness of demeanor or the autumn view up to express deeply remembering fondly of the heart deep place and the state of mind of solitude.Autumn is a poem, it talks quietly a string of feeling person's story.Autumn is a great artist, his drawing a piece can not be used the painting that money changes.The fruit also smiles to get red in the face, the apple gets red in the face and smiled to bend from the waist.【3 】 a year among the four seasons, someone likes versatile spring;Someone likes blazing hot summer;Someone likes cold winter, but I like fruit for clusters of autumn.It probably has no spring of young and delicate, there is no the butterfly that dance in the wind lightly in spring;The vitality with no summer, has no in summer the dingdong flows to drip of spring;There is no having no time of winter, have no lily-white the snowflake in winter, but it has of, is is light to bloom of autumn of gaudiness.Your lo is exceeding in autumn supple of step, dynasty we walk.Autumn
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